Organic Peat Free PAS 100 Compost

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PAS100 soil conditioning compost is a 100% recycled green compost product derived from surplus garden trimmings and local authority recycling contracts. PAS100 Compost is a natural, slow release nutrient supply compost to assist with improving soil structure and better plant survival rate. It improves growth, soil water holding capacity and is suitable for landscaping projects, public recreation areas, agricultural projects, construction projects and domestic projects. Available in two grades: 1mm-20mm fine grade or 1mm+Course Grade (Both products are the same compost other than the course grade has the odd bits of wood and twigs or slightly larger bits of organic matter not yet broken down as much mixed with the fine). 

This product is to be used with soil. To be mixed in or as a top dressing depending on what it's used for. 

For local delivery, our vehicle has a weight limit of 1200kgs. 2 bulk bags can be delivered in one load. Up to 1.5 cubic metres (1500litres) of loose compost can be delivered in one go. For addition bags or more loose compost on the same order two or more deliveries will be needed.

For bulk bag orders further than 22 miles from EX37 9HY, items will be sent on a pallet vis the pallet delivery network. For loose loads we can have delivered any quantity from 2 cubic meters to 40 cubic metres using an external haulage company.