Mixed Salad Leaves Mild

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An exciting mixture of succulent, mild tasting salad leaves, ideal for successional sowing in patio containers for 'cut and come again' harvests of tender 'baby leaf'. Prefers rich, well drained soil.

Sow outdoors in March to August

  • In large pots, containers, grow bags or a prepared seed bed
  • Sow thinly in pots or containers at least 30cm (12in) in diameter and 25cm (10in) deep, or in rows 25cm (10in) apart
  • Cover with 1.5cm of fine soil
  • Firm gently and keep moist
  • Seedling appear 7-14 days
  • For continuous crops sow every 2-3 weeks
  • For baby leaves thin to 5cm (2cm) apart
  • Protect early sowing with clothes
  • Keep moist and weed free
  • Harvest in April to October
  • Pick baby leaves as required, a few from each plant to encourage re-growth
  • Will re-grow for up to 4 cuts
  • Usually the younger the leaf the mildier it will taste
  • Add to a simple salad to turn it into something special