Aster Colour Carpet Mixed

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Callistephus chinensis

Dazzling carpet of colour

A popular and value for money double-flowered mixture - ideal for border edging, tubs and window boxes.

Height: 20cm/8in
Plant Class: Half Hardy Annual (HHA).
Habit: Bushy, Dwarf.


Indoors February to April, in trays of seed compost. Sow thinly, cover with 0.5cm compost. Firm gently, keep moist. Cover tray with glass, polythene, or propagator lid. Keep at 15 to 20C. Seedlings appear in 14 to 21 days

Remove cover when seedlings appear. When large enough transplant 5cm apart in trays. Stand outside for a few days in late May (avoid frosts). Transplant 20cam apart in flowering position. Keep moist and weed free.

Outdoors April to May in prepared seedbed in flowering position. Sow thinly in rows 20cm apart,cover with 0.5cm fine soil, firm and keep moist. When large enough thin to 20cm apart.

Packet contains average 200 seeds

Flowers July to October